ESCO® Track Pro
Asset Tracking System


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Female worker in hardhat using ESCO Track on smartphone to locate assets at mine site

Locate. Track. Protect.

Save time and money by monitoring the location and movement of your assets and inventory with the ESCO® Track Pro portal and ruggedized tracking devices.

Secure an ESCO® Track Pro wireless tracking device to your valuable equipment and monitor it via the desktop portal or mobile application (iOS + Android).

  • Long-life battery
  • Durable, protective steel case 
  • Satellite, Cellular, or Bluetooth
  • Global Coverage
Excavator surrounded by ESCO Track geofence

Loss Prevention

Protect your fleet with customizable geofences and alerts that notify you when an asset strays beyond a defined area.

If equipment fitted with an ESCO® Track Pro device is lost or stolen, simply use the app or desktop portal to determine the last known location – then direct the appropriate personnel to recover the item.

Worker at jobsite using ESCO Track GPS map to locate assets and equipment

Increased Asset Utilization

Have the right equipment, where you need it, when you need it. Get the most out of your field crew by empowering them to locate the closest available equipment – without the need to wander the yard, drive across town, or compromise safety and efficiency by substituting tools or equipment.

ESCO® Track Pro can also help identify any assets that have remained stagnant in the field – so you can relocate them to where they are needed.

Office worker using ESCO Track portal to access manuals and maintenance records

Less Paperwork

Check-in and check-out assets, and keep a photo log to record their condition.

ESCO® Track Pro can also store all relevant maintenance logs, user manuals, technical documentation in the cloud.

Forklift moving a shipping container fitted with ESCO Track GPS cellular tracking device

Improved Safety

Reduce or eliminate high-risk tasks performed by your most at-risk employees – your stock/yard staff and truck drivers. 

ESCO® Track Pro helps keep your drivers off the road, and yard staff away from fork lifts and heavy equipment, by locating all your equipment with the click of a button. No wasted miles, and no need to distract or interrupt your field crews with text messages or phone calls.

Worker identifying replacement part numbers using ESCO Track asset tracking smartphone app


If you own or operate ESCO® buckets and attachments, ESCO® Track Pro can quickly identify replacement part numbers – and generate a shopping list that can be emailed to your purchasing manager or local ESCO® dealer.

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